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Massimiliano Cannata

Per info as activity of our gruop.


Dear All

tomorrow we will start a first GeoAcademy QGIS Course in the frame of UN Open GIS Capacity Building.

We will have four editions (one every month) for the UN Staff of Operational Field (Peacekeeping Missions).

GeoAcademy will be strongly involved as well as some colleagues of Universities and I want to thank Rick Smith, Tom Mueller and Youngok Kang, who are the first tutors. I want also to let you know that many other educators have given generously their availability and they will help in next editions.

Diego Gonzales of UN also deserves a very big thank for the wonderful co-chairing of this capacity building working group.

In my opinion the general UN Open GIS initiative aiming at approaching UN to Open Source is relevant for our communities (both OSGeo and G4A). It means that UN will start using open source GIS and this gives new opportunities to all people involved in open source development, documenting, teaching and training. 

It is true that few pieces of software have been taken into account so far. But, please, consider that this initiative started in March and all this process requires time to be implemented. And the time for attending courses of UN Operational Field staff  is limited.

I will keep you informed.

Have a pleasant and fruitful week.


Prof. Maria Antonia Brovelli
Vice Rector for Como Campus and GIS Professor
Politecnico di Milano

ISPRS WG IV/4"Collaborative crowdsourced cloud mapping (C3M)"; OSGeo; ICA-OSGeo-ISPRS Advisory Board; NASA WorldWind Europa Challenge; SIFET 

Sol Katz Award 2015


Via Natta, 12/14 - 22100 COMO (ITALY)

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