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Forwarding a student's request for feedback on GeoMoose functionality...

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Subject: [Mapbender-users] Frameworks Analysis / Mapbender Functionalities
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2020 17:38:03 +0200
From: Lilia Pleskach <[hidden email]>

Dear all,

As a part of my university project, I have to analyse the
functionalities of some geospatial frameworks (GeoMoose, GeoNode,
Mapbender, geOrchestra, MapMint and LizMap). I made this analysis using
the official user documentation of each framework, but sometimes there
were some confusing information or lack of information.

If you have two minutes of your time, could you please check and comment
if there is wrong information or if it is not complete?

There is the link to Google Sheets with comments access (right click of
the mouse to leave the comment):

On the bottom you can see six sheets of each framework. I decided to
give access to all the tables if one day you need to use/check the
information about another framework. I'll also update all the tables at
the end of my project, so you can see the actual information.

Thank you !

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