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From: Foss4g Asia <[hidden email]>
Date: Thu, Mar 8, 2018 at 11:28 AM
Subject: [Fa-office] Call for Abstract - FOSS4G Asia 2018
To: [hidden email]

FOSS4G Asia 2018

Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

"Open Source for Sustainable Development"

December 2nd – 5th 2018


Abstract Submission is Open

Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we are delighted to invite you to submit abstracts for the  FOSS4G-Asia 2018 conference  to be held in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka during the period of  02nd - 05th December , 2018 at the Department of Town & Country Planning, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

Submit your Abstract

Please submit abstracts by ;

 01 May 2018
General Track
  15 July 2018
Academic Track
Important Dates
  Academic Track
(Full papers and presentation)
General Track
(Abstracts and presentation)
(Call for proposals)
Call for abstracts  25 February 2018 25 February 2018 25 February 2018
Abstract submission deadline 01 May 2018 15 July 2018 30 July 2018
Acceptance notification of abstract 15 June 2018 01 August 2018 15 August 2018
Deadline of submission of full papers 15 July 2018 N/A N/A
Notification of review results of full papers 01 September 2018 N/A N/A
Deadline of registration for conference 15 September 2018 15 September 2018 15 September 2018
Deadline of final submission 01 October 2018 
(Camera ready paper)
01 November 2018 
(Final presentation)
15 October 2018 
(Workshop brief and schedule)

                                                 The theme of the Conference is

            “Open Source for Sustainable Development"

Papers and presentations are invited in areas covering,
but not limited to, the following sub themes

1.Development of Geospatial Applications using Free and Open Source Software
2.FOSS4G in Business Innovation
3.Geo spatial information Services for Urban Management/Urban and Regional Planning/Urban Design and Good Governance
4.Open and Proprietary Software: Building Bridges
5.Open Data, Data Collection and Visualization for Societal GIS
6.Open Hardware, Geo-IoT, Geo-BIM/CIM
7.Geo-data Analytics and machine/deep learning
8.FOSS4G in Education and Research
9.FOSS4G Philosophy, Goals, Complexities and Challenges
10.Other topics related to Free and Open Source Software, Data and Standards

Awards & Scholarships 

1. FOSS4G-Asia 2018 best paper awards (each sub theme)

2. FOSS4G-Asia 2018 best presentation award

3. FOSS4G-Asia 2018 best poster award

4. FOSS4G-Asia 2018 student (Undergraduates or Postgraduate) / young (35 years or less) presentation award

5. FOSS4G-Asia 2018 student (Undergraduates or Postgraduate) / young (35 years or less) poster award



6. OSGeo-Sri Lanka best presentation award (Only for Participants from host country)

7. OSGeo-Sri Lanka best poster award (Only for Participants from host country)

8. OSGeo-Sri Lanka best student presentation award (Only for Undergraduates from host country)

9. OSGeo-Sri Lanka best student poster award (Only for Undergraduates from host country)
More Information 

All accepted full papers will be published in the FOSS4G-Asia 2018 conference proceedings USB and  selected peer-review full papers in the acadmic track will be invited to publish in the following journals 


Main Organizers 

       Official Media Partner 
We are looking forward to receiving your submission and welcoming you in
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
We kindly request from you to disseminate this mail among your colleagues and networks.
Please visit the website for further information
Thank You !
Contact Us

Conference Secretariat                                                    
Dr.Amila Jayasinghe                                                                      Dr. Chethika Abeynayake
Dept. Town & Country Planning                                                     Phone :<a href="tel:+94%2077%20277%207236" value="+94772777236" style="color:#00add8;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline" target="_blank">+94-772777236
University of Moratuwa                                                                 
Email : [hidden email] / [hidden email]              Nirmanie Weerasinghe      Phone : <a href="tel:+94%2075%20536%201399" value="+94755361399" style="color:#00add8;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline" target="_blank">+94-755361399/ <a href="tel:+94%2071%20590%202911" value="+94715902911" style="color:#00add8;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline" target="_blank">+94-715902911                                     Phone : <a href="tel:+94%2071%20239%208485" value="+94712398485" style="color:#00add8;font-weight:normal;text-decoration:underline" target="_blank">+94-712398485
Copyright © 2018 The FOSS4G-ASIA - 2018, All rights reserved.

Our mailing address is:
[hidden email]

Sincerely Yours, 

Conference Secretariat
Dr. Amila Jayasinghe
Department of Town and Country Planning
University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka
Email : [hidden email] / [hidden email]Phone : <a href="tel:075%20536%201399" value="+94755361399" style="color:blue;font-style:normal;font-variant-ligatures:normal;font-variant-caps:normal;font-weight:400;letter-spacing:normal;text-align:start;text-indent:0px;text-transform:none;white-space:normal;word-spacing:0px;background-color:rgb(255,255,255);font-family:Arial,sans-serif" target="_blank">+94-755361399<a href="tel:077%20277%207236" value="+94772777236" style="color:blue;font-style:normal;font-variant-ligatures:normal;font-variant-caps:normal;font-weight:400;letter-spacing:normal;text-align:start;text-indent:0px;text-transform:none;white-space:normal;word-spacing:0px;background-color:rgb(255,255,255);font-family:Arial,sans-serif" target="_blank">+94-772777236

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