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Fwd: [Announce] Call for nominations for the Rusty Wrench award

John Bryant
Hi all, our friends at Linux Australia are taking nominations for the Rusty Wrench Award, see below.


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From: Julien Goodwin <[hidden email]>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2019 at 19:09
Subject: [Announce] Call for nominations for the Rusty Wrench award
To: <[hidden email]>

Hi everyone,

The Rusty Wrench Award is Australia's highest honour for community
contributions to the Open Source movement in the country. It was
eponymously named after luminary Rusty Russell, one of Australia's most
prominent contributors and community members, founder of linux.conf.au
(as CALU, in 1999), and the inaugural recipient of the award.

The Rusty Wrench Award is an award inaugurated by Jeff Waugh to
recognise outstanding service to the Australian and New Zealand Free and
Open Source Software community.

Please send your nomination to [hidden email] with the subject
line "Rusty Wrench Nomination: NAME OF NOMINEE", and include a paragraph
on why you believe this person should be awarded the Rusty Wrench.

The Council and previous recipients of the Rusty Wrench will review the
nominations received.

Recipients of the Rusty Wrench Award:
2019 — Joshua Hesketh
2018 — No award made
2017 — Michael Still and Michael Davies (joint award)
2016 — No award made
2015 — Steve Walsh
2014 — Andrew Tridgell
2013 — Donna Benjamin
2012 — Mary Gardiner
2008–2011 — No award made
2007 — Kim Weatherall
2006 — Pia Waugh
2005 — Rusty Russell

Nominations should be received no later than the 16th December 2019.

Kind regards,

Julien Goodwin
Linux Australia
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