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Hi all.
Apparently the party is over, we should probably pay for the service, something I'm not particularly inclined to.

Da: Michael from Loomio <[hidden email]>
Inviato il: 18 giugno 2019 08:24:46 EEST
A: Paolo Cavallini <[hidden email]>
Oggetto: [Action required] Loomio group plan changes


Thanks for using Loomio! I’m writing to you as coordinator of an active Loomio group which is on a legacy free plan. There are changes coming, so please read this message in full as it contains important information that may affect how you use this service.

Loomio 2.0

Many of you told us that you would like a mobile app version of Loomio, and we listened. We are currently working on a mobile-first Loomio experience and can’t wait to share more about this and other new features with you!  


Changes to subscription plans

Since launching in 2012, we have helped more than 100,000 groups collaborate, engage with members and reach decisions together. We feel honored to have walked alongside many of you on this journey.  

Our goal is to continue providing you with an excellent service, while also developing Loomio so it can work better for you. Our vision is to help organizations like yours work better collectively, now and into the future.

As you can imagine, there are real costs to hosting, supporting and developing Loomio software.  So that we can continue development and support for Loomio, we have implemented new pricing plans at loomio.org/pricing.


As a social enterprise and worker cooperative – paid subscriptions are our lifeblood and help us sponsor unfunded community groups.

What this means for you


Your group is currently on one of our legacy plans and we need to clarify plan status to ensure no disruption to your Loomio use.  We are asking you to upgrade to a paid subscription plan or apply to continue using Loomio for free.


Please select one of the options below.

Option 1: 50% off all paid plans for life - limited time offer 15 July 2019

Upgrade your group to a current paid subscription plan. In thanks for your active support, we are offering a 50% discount off paid plans, for your group for life!  Use coupon code LOOMIO50 when you upgrade. Applicable for commercial and funded non profit organizations including political parties.


  • Small (up to 50 people): $US 24.50 per month ($245.00 per year)

  • Medium (up to 500 people): $US 74.50 per month ($745.00 per year)

Option 2: Membership organization

If your group is a volunteer or member supported organization, apply for special rates on annual plans with the Member supported application form. Applicable for some activist organizations, co-housing groups, community groups, collectives, sports clubs and spiritual groups:

  • Small (up to 50 people): $US 98.00 per year

  • Medium (up to 500 people): $US 149.00 per year

Option 3: Unfunded community group

We sponsor Loomio free to unfunded groups such as activists, hobby groups, classroom education, families and friends.


If your group has no funds, apply for a free sponsored plan with our Community Application form.  

Act now to avoid disruption to your service

We will soon be shifting all legacy groups we have not heard from to trial status, with limits on the number of threads and people invited. If your group has already exceeded the limits, you may not be able to invite new people or start new threads.  

Please either upgrade your subscription plan or contact us by 15 July 2019.


If you have any questions about these changes at Loomio, please don’t hesitate to ask. We would love to hear how Loomio is working for you via email reply, or book a time for a call here.

More information is available in Subscription pricing.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Warm regards, Michael


Michael Elwood-Smith

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Sorry for being short
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