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Please confirm below functionality will support in PostGIS or not?


1)         Spatial option that provides advanced spatial features to support high-end GIS and LBS solutions

2)         Querying, and retrieval for 3-dimensional (3D) data including points, lines, surfaces, triangulated irregular networks (TINs - an alternative to raster’s), and point clouds.

3)         Spatial queries can now run in parallel on partitioned spatial indexes, improving the performance of "within distance", "nearest neighbor", and "relate" queries

4)         SQL/MM types and operators, as specified in ISO 13249-3, Information technology - Database languages - SQL Multimedia and Application Packages . Operators corresponding to those defined in this standard, as well as the SDO_NN and SDO_WITHIN_DISTANCE operators should be able to be used on data stored in the SQL Multimedia root type


Thanks & Regards

Pradeep Kanth

Ext : 3026


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