Full view problem from GN3.10.0 main page records

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Full view problem from GN3.10.0 main page records

Using RHEL6, OpenJdk 1.80_242-b07, jetty 9.4.26.v20200117, GN 3.10.0,
PostgreSQL 10, PostGIS2.4, external GN directory.  Virgin GN
installation, with mefs loaded afterwards.

 From main splash screen, for some records but not all,

  * if the splash screen is set to "icon only", clicking on an icon
    works normally, opening metadata in default view.  However if then
    switch to "Full view", page is blank.
  * if the splash screen is set to "list" (icon, title, abstract) or
    brief (title, abstract), then default view is correct but clicking
    on "Full view" yields a previously-viewed record in "Full view" format
  * If the record is selected using "search" from the main tab or the
    search tab, all records are viewed correctly in both Default and
    Full view.

In all cases, there are no log entries as a result.

I see some similar reports in previous list archives but no solutions,
and reports are not exactly the same.

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