Full moon on 2/4/92

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Full moon on 2/4/92

Rob Knauerhase

Pardon the pun; I don't know when the full moon really is this month.

Anyway, the reason for the "full moon" in the subject line is that we now
have the first batch of updates/enhancements (sometimes called "bugfixes" :)
for GRASS4.0 available on the moon FTP server.

The updates are located in /grass4.0.updates/<progname>; each directory
therein is titled with the area to which the enhancements apply.  Within
each directory are archive files (.tar and .cpio) that contain the new code;
the programs in these archive files _replace_ those in your current GRASS
source tree.  The "message" file that is displayed when you change into
each directory tells you precisely what each file replaces.

The server is located at moon.cecer.army.mil and is usable by anyone who
is on the Internet and has FTP access.  For more information about the FTP
service, send mail to [hidden email] with the subject

get ftp.txt

and the list server will mail you the FTP helpfile.

Rob Knauerhase
Rob Knauerhase
[hidden email] Construction Engineering Research Lab, Corps of Eng.
[hidden email]       UIUC Dept. of Computer Science, Gigabit Study Group