Formation of a Project Steering Committee

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Formation of a Project Steering Committee

Dr. Markus Lupp
Dear listers,

[sorry for cross-posting]

I am glad to inform you that as a further step towards formalisation and
transparency of the deegree project, a Project Steering Committee (PSC)
was formed that consists so far of the persons that founded the project
some years ago (a description of the PSC can be found at
Definition of a modus operandi of the PSC is still work in progress.

Nonetheless, one of the first decisions of this newly-formed body was
that deegree will apply to become an official OSGeo project (see to show our commitment to community-led
development of high quality open source geospatial software. I am right
now completing the Incubator Applicaton Questionnaire to get this
process started.

Best regards,


Dr. Markus Lupp
l a t / l o n  GmbH
phone +62 (0)81 339 431666

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