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[ForestryTools] Basic methods/formulas

For basic forestry operations:

1. What is the forest inventory and cruise method you most commonly used? Fixed radius? point sample? clustered sampling? strip cruise?

2. What methods of volume calculation are common in your locale? Scribner? Doyle? International? What units?

3. What programs/stack are you currently using for your efforts in forestry? open source or otherwise? For any facet, not only inventory and cruise?

1. In the lake states point sampling is most common. Combinations of 10 BAF or 20 BAF depending on the timber type.
2. We use scribner, doyle, and international depending on what portion of the state you're in. Pulp/cord wood is generally roughly estimated using the Carlson Method (sticks + trees divided by two).
3. I use QGIS for all GIS work (I use uDIG for some format conversions). All calculations are completed in a combination of R and spreadsheets.

all the best,
Lee Mueller
ISA Certified Arborist MI-4148A
Registered Forester #46043

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