Fixes for source releasing being way too big

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Fixes for source releasing being way too big

Chris Holmes-2

So our last two releases were at 50 megs.  Which is far, far bigger than
they need to be.  The problem is two-fold, one is some big shapefiles
in one of the cite/ config dirs.  This was easy, just move to a spike
for David.

Second one is that we're including server/ in the src releases, meaning
all the jars are there twice.  This is silly, since I made scripts to
automatically build the server/ dir if it's not there.  This stumped me
though, since there was nothing in the src release that mentioned the
server/ directory.  I just came upon the answer though - someone
commented out the step in release-binary where we clean up the build
directory.  We put everything in a build directory to zip up for
releases, and since binary was coming before src in release all, the
src would pick up the server/ dir.  My svn blame isn't working, and I
don't have time to dig through and figure out why it was commented out,
as there's no comments explaining.  But if anyone remembers doing that,
could you explain why?  I'm going to put it back in for now, since I
can't think of a good reason not clean up the temp dirs we make during


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