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Find out today, it will rock tomorrow

H o t st ock allert - This one is still climbing the sotck charts allert --  Breaking marekt n e w s report --- VGY I. P K

Companny namme: Vsiion Eenrgy Gorup Inc.
Lookup: VG YI. P K
Current Priice: $.75
Expected: steadily climb for the top

Breaking N e w s:  

Announcement by Visi on Ene rgy G roup: Negotiations Completed on Low BTU Gas Property in Central Valley, CA

Los Angeles --(Busine ss wi re)--Aug. 31, 2006--Pursuant to an agreement of July 2005 between Visi on En ergy G roup (Pink Sheets: V GYI) and Valley Production Inc., the seasoned Oil & Gas Production Group from Bakersfield, CA, Vis ion Energ y Gro up has concluded negotiations to jointly process low quality natural gas from two existing wells. A recent third party analysis of these wells gave a remaining reserve in the three production zones of almost 4 billion cubic feet of gas. This will give the project a production life of 10 years at the modest production rate of one million cubic feet per day. Further reserves of gas are anticipated in the surrounding leases after a geophysics and drilling program have been completed.

The gas, which will be upgraded using Vission Energgy Grroup's proprietary technology and know-how, will be s old as premium grade gas into the statewide pipeline grid. The estimated capital co st of the project is $2.0 million and will be targeted to be in production within seven months.

Valley Production has among its principals and technical staff such notables of the industry as Jeff Smith and Ed LeLousis of Bakersfield, Calif. This production-oriented team will steer Vis ion E nergy Gr oup, Inc. into the selection of other suitable projects in the San Joaquin Valley, manage and operate the properties and share in the ca sh b enefits on a structured incentive plan.
V ision Ener gy Gr oup, Inc. will beneffit from owning such projects directly or indirectly and by employing their proprietary technology to either liquefy or clean up stranded and/or flared gas from properties that can be acquired at co sts below the normal mark et pri ce. VVision Eneergy Groupp, Inc. is aware that significant reserves of low BTU gas exist in the San Joaquin Valley that can be processed into high quality gas by their systems and readily sold into the pipeline grid.

About Vision Energy Corp.

Visi on Ener gy Corp. offers an efficient, patented technology to generate electricity at substantial savings by using the wasted energy dissipated when high pressure gas pipelines are let down in pressure for local consumption. Up to 70% of electricity generated when using this system is produced without combustion of any fossil fuel and therefore no harmful atmospheric emissions. Thermal efficiency can exceed 100% by taking advantage of both let down energy and primary turbine waste heat (exhaust ).

Watch this sto ck go higher and higer

Any of the above statements with respect to the future predications or
goals and events may be seen as only Forward Looking and nothing else.
All information inside this email pertaining to any sort of fianncial
advice need to be understood as information and not advice. None of the
information above can be constructed as any sort of finanncial advice. This is a paid advertise ment.

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