Fifth Italian gvSIG Conference

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Fifth Italian gvSIG Conference

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Fifth Italian gvSIG Conference

From 27th to 29th June 2012, the 5th Italian gvSIG Conference (Quinte Giornate Italiane di gvSIG) [1] will be held in the "Aula Magna" of the Politecnico di Milano - Polo Territoriale di Como (via Castelnuovo, 7 - Como).

The meeting, organized by the Laboratorio di Geomatica del Politecnico di Milano - Polo Territoriale di Como and the gvSIG Association, is an interesting meeting point for changing experiences between users and developers from Italy. Seminaries and presentations are planned at the Conference.

The call for papers is now open, and proposals can be sent to the email address: [hidden email] (consult Presentation rules [2]), until May 23th.

Registration period will be opened in March 7th.


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