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Feedback phone conversation Ben Abelhausen (OSM)

Dear list,

As one of our action points of the first OSGeo-BE meeting I had a
conversation with Ben about the working together with the vzw Open
Knowledge Foundation.

Ben has a good experience in working together with this organisation and
finds it very convenient as there are no volunteers to create a proper
OSM foundation structure in Belgium.

There is no need to from the OSM organisation to have a proper structure
to start in a region. (this is something we should check with OSGeo).

There is a liability insurance in place for the board members.

So there is no argument no to talk to Pieter Colpaert for an eventualy
cooperation for OSGeo BE under the umbrella of OKF.

If the list can second me I can start a discussion with OKF to work out
the details of an eventually cooperation, I will start this action.

Some points I want to be clarified:
 - Can OSGeo BE work as a subdivision, under her own brand and logo for
invoices and announcing activities?
 - Are there seprate accounts for the different organisations under the
same umbrella, and do they all form together the organisation?
- What are the costs involved to take part of the organisation?
- what is the timeframe we could set up a branch, use the organisation
for organizing an event like FOSS4G BE?

I will compare this with the other initiatives:
- organizing a proper vzw
- founding a structure that can act for OSGeo BE, but also as a EU
contact for OSGeo.

I suggest the latter to discuss on the general discuss list of OSGeo and
in Como on a BOF before decision.

Yours sincerely,

ir. Dirk Frigne

Geosparc n.v.
Brugsesteenweg 587
B-9030 Ghent
Tel: +32 9 236 60 18
GSM: +32 495 508 799
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