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Feedback on QGIS video training requested

Newcomb, Doug

Hi Folks,
A little over a year ago I worked with folks at our National Training Center to make a series of introductory videos on QGIS  ( 3.4.x) .  These videos are now publicly accessible at:

I did catch a few mistakes I made  ( well after the fact, of course) , but I would be interested in any feedback that folks could give me on this content and  ways to improve future materials.   Bear in mind that this training was targeted to field biologists.  

The capabilities of QGIS (and my understanding of those capabilities) has increased since these videos were made, so suggestions on topics not covered in the videos or better approaches to the subject matter would be welcome.


Doug Newcomb - Cartographer
551F Pylon Dr
Raleigh, NC
919-856-4520 ext. 14 [hidden email]

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