FeatureSource has a different coordinate system than the map

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FeatureSource has a different coordinate system than the map

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Hi all,

I've been trying out MapGuide and MapGuide Maestro to create some test web maps, but am coming against an issue in viewing the WebLayout and App maps. The issue is actually two-fold -- I think they're related:

1. Upon loading a WebLayout, when I select an area, the app would freeze. Task Manager would show the mgserver's taking up all of CPU's resources. Likewise, selecting the second of two maps in App map view would make mgserver go bonkers. I would then have to kill the mgserver process and restart both MapGuide and MapGuide Apache Windows services. TheMG  server error logs wouldn't have an error entry of what just happened.

2. I've validated the Data and Layers folders in Maestro. With Maps, Layoutrs, and Apps folders, this is the type of validation error I get for each feature layer I used in my test layouts:

Validating resource: Library://[feature source].FeatureSource
Warning - OSGeo.MapGuide.ObjectModels.FeatureSource_1_0_0.FeatureSourceType: Library://[feature source].FeatureSource has a different coordinate system than the map, this will impact performance as the coordinates are transformed while rendering the map. Maestro cannot validate the extent of the data.

I double-checked and even reset each of the feature sources' CRS. I've changed some sources' CRS so all sources reference one single SR, but validation still produces the same error. I don't know what else could affect validation.

My setup is MapGuide OS 2.1.0 with MapGuide Maestro 4.0 on Windows XP SP3.