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Feature freeze

Tim Sutton
Hi all

The final merges and patches are in for the feature freeze as of today.

The next stop on our journey towards QGIS 0.9.2 is a ui and string
freeze as of 20 January 2008. Soif you need to change any strings or
fix bugs that require text changes, please get your commits in before
that date.

You can keep up to date with the release plans by following the
release checklist on the wiki.

Many many thanks for all those who have helped merging over the last
few days - i think (despite some minor hiccups with the merge) that
the process of doing all new developments off in branches is working
very well.

Could I ask the authors of the various branches and new features to
submit a few lines each to me outlining the new features that will
appear in QGIS 0.9.2 so that I can update teh whats new , change log

Have a good weekend all


Tim Sutton
QGIS Project Steering Committee Member - Release  Manager
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