FW: r.out.xyz: Output error

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FW: r.out.xyz: Output error

Stephen Brearley
Hi Helmut

Not clear what you mean by separator. Recognise '|' as the pipe symbol in
Unix. I'm running Windows, and the module enters a ' ' (space) or I do this
manually when I type in the command. Note that the '@' symbol seems to have
got changed to ' AT ' by the parser. Tried manually typing the command with
'@' instead of ' AT ' all this and get the same result.

Is this a bug, and could it be present in other modules, say if the code has
been copied and pasted, since 'output' is a rather common parameter?
Do we have a fix?


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>if the separator is given manually instead the default one, r.out.xyz

it seems given Default: | breaks the script, because also manually given |
stopps the script...

best regards
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Re: FW: r.out.xyz: Output error

Helmut Kudrnovsky
>Not clear what you mean by separator.

have a look at the manual:

    Field separator
    Special characters: newline, space, comma, tab
    Default: |

> I'm running Windows,

tested here with
GRASS version: 7.0.svn                                                          
GRASS SVN Revision: 55573
Platform: Windows-Vista-6.0.6002-SP2 (OSGeo4W)  

> Is this a bug,


r.out.xyz input=elevation@ERMANENT output=J:\wd\routxyz\test2.csv separator=,  
(Sat Mar 30 22:26:32 2013) Command finished (3 sec)  

r.out.xyz input=elevation@PERMANENT output=J:\wd\routxyz\test3.csv separator=;  
(Sat Mar 30 22:28:00 2013) Command finished (2 sec)  

please try another separator (e.g. ; or , or you can also type separator=space) with your data

>say if the code has
>been copied and pasted, since 'output' is a rather common parameter?

it seems that 'output' isn't the problem, but the seperator...

>Do we have a fix?

please test on your platform with  a sample data set

and the example from the manual

and when it fails, open a bug ticket

best regards