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Projecto para interface gráfica para o OGR! Procuram colaboradores. Versão 0.1 disponível.





2008/7/18 Mathieu Lahaye <[hidden email]>:


My company developed a graphical user interface (GUI) for ogr2ogr. We created an open source project called ogr2gui.

We intend to make this application available to GIS users who aren't comfortable with the ogr2ogr syntax or looking for a fast, easy and free geospatial data translator.


You can download the source code or the installer at: inventis.ca/ogr2gui

Note that this is only RC 0.1 and only few data formats are supported. We'll add some more as soon as possible…


We're currently looking for some people who'd like to get involved in this utility program development.

We'd also like to get some feedback about the project…do you think it's useful? should it looks different? functions we should add or remove, etc.


All comments or suggestions are welcome!




Mathieu Lahaye

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