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Csaba Janossy



I’ve found a solution for my problem. Originaly, my target was not just see the selected item,

but the environment. So I modified the GetSelectionProperties.php and the SaveSelection.php.

Because the extent of the object is calculating in this scripts, so I increased the extent.


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I’d like to get centered the search result with a zoom scale parameter, e.g. 1300.

Is there an existing function for it or need to modify anything?


The onclick event on the selection is (in the search.templ file):

function CellClicked(sel)


    var map = GetParent().Fusion.getMapByName(mapName);

   map.setSelection(sel, true);



It is call xmlhttprequests, after this I need a zoomToScale(1300) when the onreadystateexchange is ready,

but I don’t know where. Can anyone help me?






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