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FW: HDF Newsletter #96 (release of HDF 4.2r2)

Ivan Lucena
Apologies for cross-posting.

It is about the release of HDF 4.2r2.

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                               Newsletter #96
                              October 9, 2007


    . Release of HDF 4.2r2
      - New Features and Changes
      - Platforms Tested
      - Known Problems

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  Release of HDF 4.2r2

  We are pleased to announce the release of HDF 4.2r2. It
  can be downloaded from the following location:


  The HDF 4 web page is located at:


  Not all of the pre-compiled binaries have been generated for
  HDF 4.2r2.  They should be available within the next week.

  The documentation for HDF 4.2r2 can be obtained from:


  The RELEASE.txt file in the source code contains detailed
  information about this release:


  New Features and Changes

  o Several new APIs have been added to the SD and GR interfaces:

     + SDreset_maxopenfiles, SDget_maxopenfiles, SDget_numopenfiles:
       For modifying and checking the maximum allowed number of files.

     + SDgetcompinfo, GRgetcompinfo: Gets compression information. These
       functions replaced SDgetcompress and GRgetcompress.

     + SDgetfilename: Retrieves the name of the file, given its ID.

     + SDgetnamelen: Retrieves the length of an object's name, given its

  o SZIP compression has been added for Fortran, and SZIP compression has
     also been added to the GR interface.

  o The problem has been fixed where corruption could occur when a
     SDS had the same name as a dimension.  However, be aware that:

     + It is impossible to recover the data that was already corrupted.

     + For existing data that has not been corrupted, the problem was
       fixed for multi-dimensional SDSs only.  If the SDS had only one
       dimension, the results of subsequent accesses to the dimension
       would still be unpredictable.

  o SDS and Vgroup names are no longer limited to 64 characters.

  o The maximum number of files that can be opened at the same time is
     no longer limited to 32.  In this release, if this limit is reached,
     library will increase it to the system limit, minus 3 to account for
     stdout, and stderr.

  o A command-line option (-u) was added to ncdump to enable a user to
     replace non-alphanumeric characters in SDS names with underscores, if
     desired.  The default behavior is to print what is actually in the

  o New error codes were added to the HDF library.  Please refer to the
     RELEASE.txt file and other HDF4 documentation for more information.

  o Several new platforms are supported: Mac Intel, FreeBSD 64-bit,
     Solaris 10 Intel, Linux 2.6 and HP-UX 11.23 (32-bit, 64-bit).

  o Several changes were made to the HDF configuration, including:

     . The --enable-netcdf flag was introduced.
     . The autotools versions were updated.

  o Many bugs have been fixed in hrepack and hdiff.

  Please refer to the RELEASE.txt file for a comprehensive list of
  changes in this release.

  Platforms Tested

  Platforms that were tested with this release are:

      AIX 5.3 (32-bit, 64-bit)
      Free BSD 6.2 (32-bit, 64-bit)
      HP-UX B.11.23 (32-bit, 64-bit)
      IRIX 64 v6.5 (32-bit, 64 bit)
      Linux 2.4, 2.6
      Linux ia64
      Linux x86_64
      Sun OS 5.8, 5.10 (32-bit, 64-bit)
      Windows XP, Vista
      Mac OS X Intel

  For detailed information on platforms and compilers, please
  refer to the RELEASE.txt file.

  Known Problems

  o  hdfcomp fails on HPUX 11.23 for the 64-bit version of the library

  o  This release does not support VMS systems.

  o  N-Bit compression is not supported with Fortran APIs.

  o  Using both fill-value and compression at the same time on an SDS
      does not work.

  o  When using PGI compilers, make sure that the JPEG library is also
      with a PGI C compiler; linking with JPEG built with gcc causes JPEG
      tests to fail.  To bypass the problem:

          x Set LIBS flag to $PGI_JPEG_INSTALL_DIR/lib/libjpeg.a
            where $PGI_JPEG_INSTALL_DIR points to the installation
            for the PGI-compiled JPEG library:

            setenv LIBS $PGI_JPEG_INSTALL_DIR/lib/libjpeg.a

          x Use the --with-jpeg=$PGI_JPEG_INSTALL_DIR configure flag to
            configure with the PGI-compiled JPEG library:

            ./configure --with-jpeg=$PGI_JPEG_INSTALL_DIR --with-zlib....

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