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FOSSG4 Meeting in TN

Randal Hale

I know with this being Labor Day many of you may be off so I'll be repeating this email on Tuesday Sept 6th also.

Over the last few months I've been getting more and more comments of "We need to do something FOSS4G related in the area" with the area being the general area of East Tennessee. So after a lot of emails to various people from Texas to Canada and all points in between:

  • There is momentum after the FOSS4GNA Raleigh event. People are interested in Free and Open Source GIS and People are using Free and Open Source GIS.
  • Colleges in Particular have been vocal (more so than usual): ETSU and UTK I'm looking at you and I'm yelling to anyone else in the area.
  • The consensus is this needs to be cheap and fun. Emphasis on Cheap and we can always make it Fun. It will be Informative by default.
  • Location: We don't have no stinkin' location - we need one (see above bullet point for cheap).
  • We have some funding to pull this off (more funding sources are welcome).
  • This will be a "Pre Boston FOSS4G 2017 event" - whatever we do needs to feed into that event. I've been talking to them and they are excited and send energy our way.
  • There are three conferences we will be avoiding and as this gets more momentum I'll be sticking those up somewhere. The three conferences are good conferences and we in no way want to hurt those events (NC TNGIC FOSS4G2017).
  • Date: We don't have no stinkin' dates.

With all that being said - A Free and Open Source GIS event of some type and shape at some point is happening. FOSS4G people in the surrounding areas - we welcome your input and participation.

This will all be done probably on this list - so if you don't like a lot of email - Sorry. This is community building at the ground level. Step 1 was this email list. Step 2 is happening. Step 3 is ????.

If I can repeat two things: Cheap and Fun.

Randy "What am I doing" Hale

Randal Hale
North River Geographic Systems, Inc
423.653.3611 [hidden email]

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