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FOSS4G2006 conference announcement

Jeroen Ticheler-3
Hi all,
Please read the announcement below and see how you can participate!  
Last year's conference in Minneapolis was a great event and this  
year's it should be even better. We hope to organize a technical  
workshop on GeoNetwork opensource as well as a presentation.

FOSS4G2006, the international conference addressing geospatial data  
technologies developed by or of relevance to the Open  Source  
community, will be held September 12-15th, 2006 in Lausanne,  
Switzerland. The conference will bring together all the  Free and  
Open Source Software for Geoinformatics (FOSS4G) communities.  The  
conference incorporates the OSGIS Conference, Mapserver User  
Meeting,  GRASS Users Conference, Java oriented FOSS4G and EOGEO  
Workshops with  the intent to be broadly inclusive.

Lausanne, Switzerland will host  the conference, making it the first  
time many of these groups will  meet in Europe. A committee is  
working to design a program with elements  that will interest  
participants from the novice to the expert. The  conference strives  
to build on the successes and enthusiasm generated  by previous,  
related meetings.
Important dates to note (dates are approximate and subject to change):

  April 15, 2006   Workshop submission deadline

  June 30, 2006    Presentation submission deadline

  April 15, 2006   Final registration opening
                   (pre-registration is open)

  June 30, 2006    Early registration deadline

We strongly encourage making your room reservation early as September  
is still high season for tourism in Lausanne.

For more information, registration and/or submit a contribution,  
please visit the conference website at
Take advantage of the opportunity FOSS4G2006 offers to network with  
fellow geospatial data professionals, renewing old  acquaintances and  
making new ones. Hope to see you there!