FOSS4G projects at OGC API Hackathon

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FOSS4G projects at OGC API Hackathon

Tom Kralidis
Hi everyone: as part of our ongoing OSGeo/OGC coordination, and given
the synergy
of FOSS4G projects and OGC standards, we would like to coordinate/track our
presence at the OGC API Hackathon in June [1].  This will provide
value in terms of having a sense of FOSS4G projects involvement as part
of this important effort at OGC.  This will also help coordinate involvement
at future hackathons / code sprints at both OSGeo code sprints (i.e. perhaps
a dedicated interoperability theme) or OGC Hackathons.

I've put forth a wiki page to try to get a better idea of participation of
FOSS4G projects at [2].  If you are participating and registered to the event,
please feel free to sign up at [2].



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