FOSS4G-SotM Oceania, meeting minutes 2018-05-25

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FOSS4G-SotM Oceania, meeting minutes 2018-05-25

John Bryant
Hi folks,

We're officially less than 6 months away from FOSS4g-SotM Oceania. There's plenty of activity taking place to pull the threads together, and a huge amount of work left to do, but things are starting to come together and it's going to be an exciting, can't-miss event!

For those interested, minutes from our most recent meeting (last Friday) are posted on our wiki page here.

Highlights include:
  • finalised partnership agreement with SSSI to act as a guarantor for the event
  • kicking off our sponsorship drive
To receive announcements by email, be sure to sign up for our mailing list at We'll also be posting news items there, and on our Twitter feed. Keep an eye out for our call for presentations & workshops, and the opening of early bird registrations... coming soon.

Questions? Drop us a line at [hidden email]. For prospective sponsors, please get in touch with us at [hidden email], so we can make sure you have a chance to get involved.

Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne in November!


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