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Tim Schaub-2
Those who have registered for FOSS4G have received a reminder about
voting for the presentations that you'd like to see there.

Thirteen of the submitted abstracts mention OpenLayers.  If you're
interested in seeing OpenLayers at the conference, vote for some of the
presentations below (filtered by those that contain mention of
OpenLayers, sorted arbitrarily by me)

OpenLayers - Agile Geography in a Browser

Cartoweb4, a easy to use and extensible web GIS application built on top
of OpenLayers.

Pleiades: Building a RESTful, Open Source GIS for the Humanities

GeoServer and the GeoWeb: KML, GeoRSS, TileCaching and SuperOverlays Integrating Mashups and Open Source Web-GIS

Operational, Timely Fire Data on an Open Source Stack.

GeoServer, past, present and future

Building air quality data analysis applications with open services

Metabase of cartographic resources of the Lublin voivodeship

CalZone - Web-based geospatial decision support framework for utilizing
the Marxan reserve system design algorithm Mapping Civic Engangement in the 2007 Philadelphia
Mayoral Primary

Avian influenza RSS web mapping exploring geographic and temporal
aspects of outbreak events

ActionEditor - taking JSF, SEAM, OpenLayers, PostGIS, and GeoServer to
build A CRUD website with some mapping

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