FOSS4G Meeting in Knoxville August 13th 2018

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FOSS4G Meeting in Knoxville August 13th 2018

Randal Hale


Date: August 13th 2018

  • Plant Biotech Building
  • UT Ag Campus
  • 2505 EJ Chapman Dr
  • Knoxville, TN 37996

The second FOSS4G meeting is occurring in Knoxville TN August the 13th 2018. Registration opens soon as does a call for papers. Come and share your stories about Free and Open Source GIS.  Talks, I hope, cover everything FOSS4G has to offer in 8 hours or less. Of course - ultimately the talks are up to you. Last years meeting covered everything from OpenStreetMap to 3D building Capture to LIDAR to Image Classification. You can see last year's event here:

Registration opens up shortly. Last years even was free and most likely this years event will cost $10 (or less). Most of that will help cover parking and lunch. Sponsors are welcome. Last year we had 4 sponsors cover approximately 600 dollars of the conference. We will yell your name out at lunch. Maybe we'll get a banner printed. Help sponsor FOSS4G activities in the southeast.


Randal Hale 
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