FOSS4G Knoxville - August 13th 2018

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FOSS4G Knoxville - August 13th 2018

Randal Hale

We're starting to come down to deadlines: Please come to Knoxville and hear from your peers working with FOSS4G software. This one day event gives you the chance to speak, hear, and learn from your fellow geo open source practitioners. Last years event brought 50 people from across the region to discuss tools, software, and techniques. No prior knowledge of FOSS4G is needed - we just want you to show up and have fun and ask questions.

Cost: $10
Location UTK (see wiki page).

Talks that are slated currently:

What's new in QGIS 3.x

  • Fusing Geopolitics, Human Development, and Environmental Policy Data to Predict Population Stability through Open Source Software: A Case Study Across Africa
  • Open Source Mapping Dashboard Using Leaflet and Esri REST Services
  • Landscape Level LiDAR and the National Land Cover Dataset
  • Tennessee’s Public Lidar Data
  • Understanding patterns of vegetation structure and distribution across Great Smoky Mountains National Park using LiDAR and meteorology data
  • Convolutional Neural Network Approach for Mapping Arctic Vegetation using Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Fusion
  • Hey, where are these spatial indexes?: Adventures of PostGIS in Production

<more talks are being added>


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