FOSS4G-Halifax 2020 letter of intent

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FOSS4G-Halifax 2020 letter of intent

Dear OSGeo Conference Committee,

It is our great pleasure to officially submit a letter of intent for
FOSS4G-Halifax 2020.  Please find attached our letter, as well as online

We have been working very hard on our bid for several months now, in
hopes to be as well prepared as we can be for such an important OSGeo
community event.  We are doing everything we can as a team to make sure
that the spirit and tradition of FOSS4G continues into year 2020, and
are so very proud to work together as a community on this FOSS4G-HFX bid.

We are enthusiastic to answer any questions here, and will be watching

On behalf of the whole FOSS4G-HFX team, thank you for this wonderful
opportunity, for the chance to represent the OSGeo community in 2020.

-Karine Jean & Jeff McKenna
FOSS4G-HFX 2020 co-chairs

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