FOSS4G-Halifax 2020 Answers: Till

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FOSS4G-Halifax 2020 Answers: Till

Dear Till,

We have strategically included an energetic OSGeo member on our
FOSS4G-HFX team from Mexico, Vicky Vergara, and during a few of our
local committee meetings over the past few months she has reminded us
again and again that what may seem to be an acceptable price or plan for
one community, is far from affordable in the other parts of the world;
if our mission indeed involves getting all of the world family together,
leaving out those who cannot afford the event’s expenses fails to meet
our team’s goals.  At one of our recent local committee meetings we
spoke about ideas to encourage this participation, credit here to Jérôme
with an idea from the OSGeo Ottawa chapter, as well as an idea from
Dmitry from the OpenStreetMap community.

We have also been working as a team to try to get as many accurate known
cost estimates as we can, in order to give a better financial picture of
our actual budget, so we can experiment with different scenarios to
encourage more participation; last week we began working on another
quote from a third audio/visual company.  As you said, this is not easy.
  But we can try to be as prepared as possible.

We can also try to go as local committee members to as many FOSS4G
global and regional events all around the world, and/or talk to OSGeo
local chapter members from areas of the world that might not be able to
afford the event, and listen, and do more listening, and take that
information back to the FOSS4G-HFX team for discussion & planning.

Related to budget and possible scenarios for more participation is of
course sponsorship; we have also begun to engage local potential
sponsors, and to compile industry-wide contacts for this.  All of this
has to be in motion now, as our FOSS4G-HFX team realizes that the
possible winner of this bid has only 6 months to prepare before
registration would begin for FOSS4G-2020 (ok it is about 7 months, but
it is still soon).

We look forward to hopefully explaining our plans more in the final
proposal stage.

We are committed to do everything we can to make FOSS4G-HFX open to all
OSGeo family members, from all over the world.  One family.

Thank you,

-Karine Jean & Jeff McKenna
co-chairs, FOSS4G-HFX 2020

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FOSS4G-Halifax 2020 Answers: Paul

Dear Paul,

The Nova Centre does not require us to use the in-house audio/visual
company (only if ”rigging” is required), so after we received the
in-house quote, we also have been working with 2 outside audio/visual
companies for additional quotes.  Last week we began working on the
third quote, in the hopes that we can get as competitive a quote as

In terms of wifi, Destination Halifax has assured us on the recent
success of hosting 2,900 attendees at the Nova Centre this past May, but
the FOSS4G-HFX team has been to so many global FOSS4G events that we
know that FOSS4G brings a surprisingly high demand on wifi (IP
addresses. bandwidth); we have therefore budgeted for an increase in
bandwidth, and also possibly leveraging a custom network for the event.

In terms of catering, we did receive the full menu package from the Nova
Centre, and we have budgeted for food&beverage for 5 days of early
morning refreshments and light snacks, morning break, lunch, and
afternoon break.

The FOSS4G-HFX team is very excited at the chance of showcasing this
wonderful venue, its views, and the vibrant city of Halifax and its
glorious harbour.

Thank you,

-Karine Jean & Jeff McKenna
co-chairs, FOSS4G-HFX 2020

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