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FOSS4G Belgium - call for sponsors

Moritz Lennert
Hello everyone,

In line with Johan, I've created a first draft of the call for sponsors
on the wiki [1].

Please have a look at it in preparation for tomorrow's meeting and think
about what additions are needed. I shamelessly copied some text from the
OSGeo website (description of OSGeo et Why sponsor OSGeo) and one
paragraph from the call for sponsors for FOSS4G Seoul (description of
FOSS4G conferences). If you have any objections with that please say so.

In any case, I assume the call will need to be translated to Dutch and

A few specific questions that need to be discussed:

- Do you agree with the levels and benefits I proposed ?
- Who will be the official contact person for sponsors ?
- Do we need an official sponsorship agreement or do we just send out
invoices to the sponsors which then mention the benefits they get ?
- How much space and what infrastructure do we have for hosting
exhibition space ? I think that we will need a specific technical
document for that.
- We probably should add some more text to the description of OSGeo-BE, but:
        1) We do not have an official status yet within OSGeo (cf a second mail
that will follow on that subject)
        2) We still have to write a clear mission statement

For the global FOSS4G there are sponsorship brochures [2, 3]. Do you
think we need something like this ? I think it would be overkill for our
small one-day event. I do not have specific graphic design skills for
such a task.



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