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FOSS4G Belgium - call for contributions

Johan Van de Wauw
Hi all,

I would like to start working on the call for contributions, so we can
send it out well before the holidayseason starts.

For FOSDEM I used titanpad [1] and since I was very happy about that I
will use the same tool. I have created a first draft [2], a copy paste
from our meeting report.
But before writing everything out I thought it may be more useful to
have a meeting first: with the size of the rooms now known we should
perhaps decide how we want to fill the schedule.
What type of contributions do we want (short/long/poster/...).

Perhaps we could try to have a fixed meeting time rather than deciding
everytime when to have skype-meeting?

Last but not least, I have registered the domain . I will
transfer to our legal structure once we have settled on that. Now it
just forwards to the wiki page of the event (BTW: feel free to improve
my French ;-)

Kind Regards,
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