FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest - full detailed schedule published

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FOSS4G 2019 Bucharest - full detailed schedule published

Dear all,

We are officially on the fast lane of preparations and with every day
that passes, new and exciting pieces receive their perfect spot in the
puzzle. Some pieces are strikingly visible, some are less, but together
they will come to be your FOSS4G2019.

With great pleasure we announce that today the FOSS4G2019 puzzle has
received a new palpable, important piece: the detailed schedule! [1]
Preparing it was not an easy task, yet it was one of the most enjoyable
ones! By reading through all the accepted abstracts in order to identify
the most appropriate slot for each one, we could grasp the maturity and
coherence, yet dynamicity and progressiveness of the open source
geospatial fully developed ecosystem. We are confident that we have
succeeded in transposing this in the 11 parallel tracks, one of which
is, of course, the academic track. [2]

For those of you that crave for a closer, more in-depth and hands-on
study into the entrails of the open source ecosystem, make your choice
out of the 44 workshops [3] and 6 labs [4] on display.

Beyond doubt, the global FOSS4G has become the must-attend event for all
geospatial professionals, novices, students, professors or researchers,
be they developers, users, entrepreneurs, open source evangelists or
proprietary software believers, geographers or mathematicians,
geologists or computer scientists, oceanographers or land surveyors.
Within the 11 tracks of FOSS4G2019 Bucharest one can find each and every
single category, yet, true valuable progress resides in all of us
standing shoulder to shoulder, looking in the same direction and
bringing all our contributions to compose the geospatial role in making
our world a better place. Let us all stand shoulder to shoulder and
listen to the inspiring keynote speakers of FOSS4G2019 Bucharest! With
years of experience in various backgrounds, knowledge and goodwill they
envision the geospatial directions of progress and, in August 2019, they
come from all across the world to share their vision with us! [5]

We invite you to browse the FOSS4G2019 Bucharest detailed schedule [1]
and construct your preliminary trajectory throughout the most awaited
geospatial conference of the year using the interactive features from
presentation[2], workshop [3] and lab [4] pages.

Haven’t registered yet? We strongly advise that you do, as it’s best to
secure your place [6] at the coolest geospatial event of the year!

See you in Bucharest!
Codrina Ilie
FOSS4G 2019 Program Chair


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