FDO Postgis provider and materialized views

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FDO Postgis provider and materialized views

Gabriele Monfardini-2
Hi all,

we're using FDO Postgis provider in Mapguide open source.
In particular FDO 3.8.
It seems that materialized views are not (yet) supported.

We can workaround the problem creating a regular view that selects all data from the materialized views but then FDO is unable to find a primary key and in general to retrieve information about constraints.

Unfortunately AFAIK materialized views are not exposed through information_schema since they are not exactly part of SQL standard.

They may be found selecting data from pg_class where relkind='m'.
This obviously is postgresql specific.

Is there any plan to support materialized views in PostGIS FDO?

Best regards,

Gabriele Monfardini

Gabriele Monfardini
LdP Progetti GIS
tel: 0577.531049
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