F4G cancellation - today's board meeting

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F4G cancellation - today's board meeting

Hi Jon,

it's me, Till. We just finished our regular board meeting and we thought
to reach out to you and offer our help, whenever you feel, that we can
support you in any way. As a person, who also already ran a FOSS4G
conference I can at least think a little bit how you must feel now. I
had that possibility in mind during a long time (to be honest, I did not
really fear a full cancellation, but other potential threatens like the
islandian volcanoe, that stopped air travel for several weeks some xears
ago, but the impact would have been similar).

I think that there are still a lot of issues to do for you, at least the
negotiations with your contracted parties etc.etc.etc. As said, whenever
you feel we can support you, we will find a way to do so - so just ask ;-).

Also there was the question on whether you have any idea or feeling, on
how long it may take until when you could name the full amount of
losses, that you will have? For us it would be important, so that we
then could schedule a meeting where we discuss on how or how far we can
support you.

There is one last issue we would like to please you. You published the
cancellation message on the webpage and for sure you already contacted
the people, that already registered or handed in a talk. Maybe you could
also send this news to the OSGeo-discussion list [1] ? Many thanks for that.

All the best!


- on behalf of the OSGeo board -

[1] https://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/discuss

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