Exporting Grass raster to netCDF via r.out.gdal gives '0' z-values

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Exporting Grass raster to netCDF via r.out.gdal gives '0' z-values

Eric Patton-3
Hi guys, I am having trouble exporting any Grass raster to netCDF format and preserving the z-values. 


~> r.info GEBCO2014_Atlantic_Canada_100m -g | grep datatype

~> g.region -p

projection: 99 (unnamed)
zone:       0
datum:      wgs84
ellipsoid:  wgs84
north:      838800
south:      -313000
west:       -4400
east:       1225500
nsres:      100
ewres:      100
rows:       11518
cols:       12299
cells:      141659882

~> r.out.gdal in=GEBCO2014_Atlantic_Canada_100m format=netCDF out=GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc type=Float64 --v --o

Exporting to GDAL data type: Float64
Checking GDAL data type and nodata value...
Using GDAL data type <Float64>
Exporting raster data to netCDF format...
r.out.gdal complete. File <GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc> created.

Now, checking the output .nc file with GMT's grdinfo:

~> grdinfo GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: Title: GDAL Band Number 1
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: Command: Wed Dec 04 15:25:18 2019: GDAL Create( GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks.nc, ... )
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: Remark:
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: Pixel node registration used [Cartesian grid]
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: Grid file format: nd = GMT netCDF format (64-bit float), CF-1.7
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: x_min: -4400 x_max: 1225500 x_inc: 100 name:  n_columns: 12299
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: y_min: -313000 y_max: 838800 y_inc: 100 name:  n_rows: 11518
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: z_min: 0 z_max: 0 name: GDAL Band Number 1
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: scale_factor: 1 add_offset: 0
GEBCO2014_Grand_Banks_100m.nc: format: classic

Zeros for the z-range. gdalinfo also fails to reveal any z-range info. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here.

System Info:                                                                  
GRASS version: 7.8.1 (installed from UbuntuGIS-unstable PPA)                                                          
Code revision: exported                                                        
Build date: 2019-12-03                                                         
Build platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu                                            
GDAL: 3.0.2                                                                    
PROJ: 6.2.1                                                                    
GEOS: 3.8.0                                                                    
SQLite: 3.22.0                                                                 
Python: 3.6.9                                                                  
wxPython: 4.0.1                                                                
Platform: Linux-5.3.0-24-generic-x86_64-with-LinuxMint-19.2-tina       

Any pointers most appreciated!

~ Eric.        

Eric Patton
GPG ID: rsa4096/0xB72AE021
Fingerprint: 1B0F 7AFD 9B5B 0E59 DCBC 36B4 24CC 056B B72A E021

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