Experimental OSGeo git service (golang based)

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Experimental OSGeo git service (golang based)

Sandro Santilli-2
In the past few days I've been working on an experimental git service
that might integrate or replace the current trac/svn offering of OSGeo
infrastructure. Its interface is fully localized (although you need to
explicitly set your language using the selector at the bottom of each
page) and it can integrate with external ticketting systems.

I've created a "postgis" organization in it, and a "postgis"
repository automatically kept in sync with the official SVN one
and integrating with the trac tracker for tickets.

You can login with your OSGeo Userid.

One additional offering of the experimental new service is the ability
to have private repositories, which may be useful to store sensitive
informations like configurations/password etc. I've put my repository
mirroring scripts in a private repository for example, and I plan to
add the SVN hooks too in another one.

The service entrypoint is: https://git.osgeo.org/_gogs_
Shall you have problems or suggestions for the service you can report
them to https://git.osgeo.org/_gogs_/sac/gogs-service

Once you log in, I can add you as an organization member
for further testing. Thank you for playing with me :)

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