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Exchanging ideas and opinions

Alexandre Devaux
Hi all!

At the time of writing, iTowns has now 1266 commits and 16 direct contributors.
The PR stack stays regularly around 13. With the strong efforts of the last months, iTowns has now one major release and soon a 2.1 correcting many bugs.

It's an existing time because the base is now strong enough to build a very innovative framework!
So congrats to you all again for the great work!

Recently, some discussions were pretty tense on the Github & IRC. I think it is important that we keep in mind that we all share the same goal and try to be a bit more friendly when exchanging ideas and opinions.

The way to PR and submit issues are getting properly written so everyone has to follow those explicit rules which makes things clearer and is good for the community. If it remains some unkown such as "What happen when a contributor has a break and it has requested changes for a PR?" for example, we can discuss it and specify in the CONTRIBUTING.md.


Alexandre Devaux

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