European Local chapters sponsor FOSS4G-EU - but how? -> "Indirect" sponsorship of FOSS4G Europe

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European Local chapters sponsor FOSS4G-EU - but how? -> "Indirect" sponsorship of FOSS4G Europe

Os reenvío esto a ver qué os parece.

Entiendo que esto es Spanish y no Spain, pero ahora tenemos AESIG y yo
que sé. Realmente no tenemos eventos salvo Girona que va aparte y la
GeoCamp, que... el presupuesto es de risa.

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From: Till Adams <[hidden email]>
Date: Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 3:03 PM
Subject: European Local chapters sponsor FOSS4G-EU - but how? ->
"Indirect" sponsorship of FOSS4G Europe

Dear local OSGeo-chapters across Europe!

You all know that since a few years a european FOSS4G conference has
established. Although FOSS4G-EU's are planned as low-budget conferences,
there is a need for sponsorship-money. With this money conference-fees
could be held as low as possible and with that, we keep FOSS4G-EU open
for as many people to attend as possible.

For potential sponsors, typically adressed to SME's dealing with Free
and Open Source software for Geospatial, it is quite difficult to adress
their sponsor-budget:
There is the annual main FOSS4G conference, all the local country-wide
FOSS4G events, OSGeo is requesting for sponsorship and on top of that,
also FOSS4G-EU also wants them as their sponsor. Having our own SME
business we both know, how difficult this is and, being honest, also for
us it makes more sense to be sponsor on our "own" local or regional
event such as FOSSGIS-conference or the FOSS4G-Belgium conferences,
because this is normally the place, where our customers attend.

Having all this in mind, we developed an idea, how to deal with that for
know - 2017 - and also for the future: Our idea is, that if all local
chapters are willing to either add a 10% (e.g.) plus charge on top of
their local conference sponsorship packages or donate 10% of their
sponsorship income directly to FOSS4G-EU (could be the European Local
chapter OSGeo-EU in the future), we reduce the competition between the
numerous events *and* collect some money for running a FOSS4G-EU.

Of course, the possibility to explicitly sponsor FOSS4G-EU exists

The rationale after the idea is, that the companies, sponsoring the
local FOSS4G events, are the "OSGeo"- companies, as we mention them in
several presentations on an overview slide. Well, this is the chance to
reward all these companies to let them together act also as  sponsor of
the FOSS4G-EU event. So by Sponsoring their own local organisation, they
become a part of the greater community.

I think this is a leverage that only is possible in open minded

For the sponsors the deal is, that their companies names gets also
mentioned as sponsor of FOSS4G-EU and with that broaden the scope of
their sponsorship money, because they pay once and are sponsors of two

Please contact us if you think this idea could work, and if you want to
support it.

With kind regards, Dirk Frigne & Till Adams

PS0. Of course we do not reach all european local chapters. Please feel
free to send the mail to any european osgeo campaigner!

PS1. For this year, Dirk already discussed it at a F2F meeting in and they agreed to participate in for 1000 Euro for this years
FOSS4G-EU event.

PS2. I am in discussion with my FOSSGIS-board colleagues to start the
"10% on top policy" with the next call for sponsorship of FOSSGIS
conference from 2018 on (FOSSGIs 2017 took already place 4 weeks ago)
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