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Dear List,

I could not figure out how to escape backslash in geoserver CSS style it does not seem to work as in the documentation.
The below simple style:

* {
label: ‘\\’; 

giving this error when pushing validate on the UI: Invalid input '\', expected '’' 

What I would really like to achive is using backslash in a function call:

* {
label: [strConcat('my regex: ','.*\d.*')];

I get: Error at line 5. Encountered "<EOF>" at line 1, column 23. Was expecting one of: <STRING_LITERAL> ... "true" ... "false" ... "point" ... "linestring" ... "polygon" ... "multipoint" ... "multilinestring" ... "multipolygon" ... "geometrycollection" ... "envelope" ... "(" ... "[" ... "-" ... <INTEGER_LITERAL> ... <FLOATING_LITERAL> ... <DATE> ... <DATE_TIME> ... <IDENTIFIER> ... Parsing : strConcat('my regex: ‘,.

Any idea?

Thank you,

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