Error in the attribute table when you use "dropdown menus (cascade)" in forms

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Error in the attribute table when you use "dropdown menus (cascade)" in forms

Hi to all,

I´m using QGIS v3.6 under Windows 10. I have set up several forms using "dropdown menus (cascade)" for filling up some fields y several layers. This "dropdown menus (cascade)" mean that each of this menus read their values from a table with this possible values (domains), using the "value relation" from QGIS forms set up section. And because it´s in cascade (using the "current_value()" function), once you select on value in the first of this dropdown menu, the values showed in the next one is filtered from the total values that could come from the domain table. And go on for the rest od these dropdown menus.

Everything works well in the form, but if you look at the attribute table, the filters in cascade done in the form set up using the "current_value()" function doesn´t work well, so you are presented values in these fields that are not correct.
I would like one of these two possible options:
  A) The data in the attribute table is not influenced for the configuration done in the form section. So you would so the "raw data"
  B) The data in the attribute table shows the same behavior that in the form, so the filters in cascade would works well.
One of these two options would be ok, but know the data shown in the attribute table when you have set up "dropdown menus (cascade)" in the form is incorrect.

Thanks in advance


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