Editing/fixing the EPSG database

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Editing/fixing the EPSG database

Thomas Gertin-2
I am trying to edit and fix my EPSG database. I am trying to follow
the directions titled "Manually editing the EPSG database" here:


In step 3 it states to open the EPSG.sql file, but I do not see this
file. Where is the file that I am supposed to edit?

/org/geotools/referencing/factory/epsg$ ls
DatabaseCreationScript.class  FactoryUsingHSQL.class
HsqlEpsgDatabase.class  ThreadedHsqlEpsgFactory.class
EPSG_Indexes.sql              HsqlDialectEpsgFactory.class
PrepareForHSQL.xml      UpdateEPSGDatabase.txt
EPSG.zip                      HsqlDialectEpsgMediator.class

I believe that I need to edit this file because SRS 900913 is not
showing up on my GeoServer when I search for it.

Also, when I go to my Geoserver Gridsets menu and click on
EPSG:900913, it gives me an error. Here are the first 2 lines of the

org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: Can't instantiate page using
constructor 'public
and argument 'gridSet=[EPSG:900913]'. An exception has been thrown
during construction! at

Also, my GeoWebCache is on, but I do not see any cached copy of the
EPSG database on my system.

Assistance would be appreciated.


Tom G.

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