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Hi there,

I need to add a dynamic copyright text to an wms layer as data is provided by multiple providers.

For each wms request, a copyright would be added (ex bottom right) with the name of the data providers of the viewed region (bbox).

I have a polygon layer in Oracle Spatial which contains the areas of data and the name of the providers related to them. A simple spatial query using the bounding box (wms_bbox) will return the names of the data providers to display in the copyright.

The copyright will change on each pan and/or zoom according to the area that's being viewed.

The dirtiest solution would be to add the polygon layer labeled with the provider name filed and using SLD to displace labels at the bottom right. I read that the labeling engine should be able to prevent overlapping of the labels so it would therically work.

The other way would be to create a custom function. I'd get the bounding box via wms_bbox, perform the spatial query to get the provider names and then format the strings to be displayed. How would I place a string on the map ? Maybe by creating a temporary geometry and use the formatted string as a label ?

How would you handle this problem ?

Again the whole process is quite simple :

wms request --> call oracle spatial to get data providers name--> show those providers on the map.

I hope my explanation is clear.

Thanks for your help.