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[Dutch] “Introduction to gvSIG” free webinars

Mario Carrera-3

Hi all,

I'm forwarding you information about two free webinars in August.




The gvSIG Association is now pleased to inform the “Introduction to
gvSIG” summer webinars at the beginning of August.

Summer has arrived in a lot of places around the world. This is a good
time to learn to use gvSIG, the open source GIS.

Do you want to create a thematic map with gvSIG or a new vector layer
with your parcel, a road...? You can do it now at these open and free

There will be two webinars, that will last about 30 minutes:

   - “Getting started with gvSIG” - August 3rd (14:00 UTC – Check the
time in your country [1])
   - “Vector editing, 3D view and other gvSIG tools” - August 10th
(14:00 UTC – Check the time in your country [2])

At the first webinar we'll see how to manage a gvSIG project. We'll
create new views with cartography, and we'll apply symbology and
labelling. We'll introduce the reference systems, and finally we will
create a thematic map to be printed or exported to a PDF file.

At the second webinar, we'll show how to create a new vector layer,
where we'll digitalize several elements. We also will see the gvSIG
toolbox, where we can find all the geoprocesses. We will apply one of
them. We finally will see how the 3D extension works.

- Registration for the “Getting started with gvSIG” webinar:

- Registration for the “Vector editing, 3D view and other gvSIG tools”
webinar: https://app.webinarjam.net/register/24718/2ea6110ff3

We expect your participation!



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