[Dutch] Free registration for gvSIG festival is now open

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[Dutch] Free registration for gvSIG festival is now open

Mario Carrera-3

Hi all,

the free registration period for the 1st gvSIG Festival [1] is now open.
As I told you some days ago, the gvSIG Festival is a virtual conference
about free geomatics with more than 25 presentations in English,
Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

At this first edition there will be presentations about the different
gvSIG products (Desktop, Online, Roads...) and how they can be applied
in different themes like mental health, civil protection, cooperation,
historic studies, roads management, acoustic analysis, hydrology,
tourism, urban analysis...

The webinar platform allows to connect to the webinars from any
operating system, and in case you can't see some of the webinars, you
will be able to watch them at the gvSIG Youtube channel later [2].

Registration for each webinar can be done from the gvSIG Festival
website [3].

See you at the gvSIG Festival!

[1] http://www.gvsig.com/festival
[2] http://www.youtube.com/user/gvsig/videos

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