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Display problems after upgrade to v3.2.0

I recently migrated our 800-entry catalogue from GN v.3.0.3 to v.3.2.0,
but I am having display problems.  For the three main display views:

search view - I can see the complete title, abstract, thumbnail and any
options (links, download files, map layers)

edit view - I see the simple, full and xml views, but no links or
download files

metadata view - default view is present, but without the Download and
Links section.  The full view is completely blank.

Our database is a PostGIS jndi installation, with GN/GS data file
folders separate from the application.  During the migration, I had an
error message regarding keyvalue already existing in the harvesterdata
table, and the installation application recommended a manual database
migration, which I did.

I created a separate test h2 database installation, and compared all the
entries in the Settings and Status/Information screens, which are
exactly the same allowing for a different database and different folder
location prefixes.

Is there something obvious I am missing?

Is there a nice way to migrate the records (metadata, thumbnails and
data files), so that I can do a clean re-install, if that is the only
remaining alternative?

I am hoping that I do not need to individually dump 800+ MEFs.  I tried
doing batches of 20 or so, but soon hit a memory overflow error (some
data files are quite large).  Prior to my attempted migration, I cloned
the PostGIS database as a backup and copied the GN/GS data folders, but
that does not solve my problem if the issue is in the data folders.  I
also hit a subvention error where my new database name was not exactly
the same as the previous installation, and I had to do some renaming.

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