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Default Map - Groups of Layers

Hi everyone,

I´m trying to set up a default map, but I can only manage to add background layers by adding the following text to the config-viewer.xml file:

<ows-context:Layer queryable="0" name="somedata"

                        hidden="true" opacity="1"

                        group="Background layers">

                <ows:Title xmlns:ows="">Somedata</ows:Title>

                <ows-context:Server service="urn:ogc:serviceType:WMS">

                                <ows-context:OnlineResource  xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="http://localhost:8181/geoserver/Espaco_Filipe/wms?service=WMS"/>




However, I need to add overlays to be seen on top of the background map. Should I use something different than group="Background layers" ? Are there any other "groups"?

Thanks for any hint.



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