Debugging Qgis and its Plugins

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Debugging Qgis and its Plugins


      I am trying to debug QGIS in QtCreator - IDE and the platform i am working is Ubuntu Maverick(10.10), I followed the steps as below

Using QtCreator with QGis is easy. To open QGis in it you should do:

  1. In menu File->Open File or Project (Ctrl+O);
  2. In open file dialog find CMakeLists.txt in the root of QGIs
  (/usr/local/src/qgis_trunk/CMakeLists.txt) and open it;
  3. Run cmake in CMake Wizard. You can run it after adding project for
  this you should navigate to cmake build directory it is qtcreator-build in
  project root and run ccmake .. like usually);
  4. After that QtCreator adds the new project with name qgis-1.x.x.
  5. If you need to correct cmake options you can do it now (see 3);
  6. Compile QGis (Ctrl+B);
  7. Switch to tab Projects. In section Build Settings->Build Steps push
  Details button and add in Additional arguments: install.
  8. In section Run Settings push +Add and select in combo box Custom
  Executable then push Details and add in Executable:
  /patch/to/qgis/executable (/usr/local/bin/qgis);
  9. Start Debugging QGis: F5.

       Can you please give me brief steps to follow after giving break points?

  I tried "debug -> start debugging" , but the process did not stop at break point, it goes on running the QGIS Application .

And one more question, whether QtCreator- IDE is recommended for visual debugging of QGIS or any other IDE is available?