[DebianGIS] [ANNOUNCE]: New GRASS 6 Translation Repository

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[DebianGIS] [ANNOUNCE]: New GRASS 6 Translation Repository

Stephan Holl-3
Dear FOSS GIS users,

[sorry for crossposting]

GDF Hannover provides a new Translation Repository for the GRASS 6

As you may know, we publish tutorials on GRASS GIS under terms of the
GNU FDL (GNU Free Document License) for years. Translations into Czech
by Jachym Cepicky and English by Kerstin Holl are available to the user
community since a few months.

Within the last weeks we were asked by many GRASS users from all over
the world, that they would like to translate the current tutorial into
Spanish and Italian. For this reason we now established a new
Translation Repository[1] based on subversion.  


We hope this is a further step to increase the popularity of GRASS GIS.
If you feel like supporting this portal, we would be pleased to
integrate you or your money to the portal. Further languages could be
added as well.

We are running a mailinglist on which further information will be posted
to. If you are interested in contributing to the project please
subscribe[2] to this list to be up-to-date.

best wishes,
        GDF Hannover

[1] http://www.gdf-hannover.de/translation
[2] https://www.gdf-hannover.de/mailman/listinfo/gdf-translation

Stephan Holl

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