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DXF input with heights

Chaitanya S. Rajguru

Hi, Jan,

>   1.  Does anyone have a newer v.in.dxf program that will accept and store
>       elevation values for later use.?

I have gone thru' the same problem; getting DXF data with associated
heights into GRASS. I implemented a specific solution to this:

The DXF file is allowed to contain only line and area info. The height
is stored as text in the middle of an area line/polyline. My program
reads in this text and stores it as an attribute for the area edge
in the imported vector file. Then another program (that uses
r.mapcalc) computes a raster file after a v.to.rast , and offsetd
the corresponding areas vertically to the heights given by their

I am also thinking of importing 3DLINE data.

If you would like to know more, or if something is not clear,
do write to me.

Good luck.



                        Chaitanya S. Rajguru

Mobile And Portable Radio [hidden email]
  Research Group [hidden email]
Dept. of Electrical Engg. (703) 231-4160
VPI&SU (Virginia Tech)